Whatever Helps You Sleep At Night

by Velcro Mary

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"The vocals, instrumentals, and lyrics all remind me just a bit of Tom Petty. As I make that very bold statement, let me also say that I am HUGE fan of Tom Petty. I can't place my finger on what exactly reminds of his music when I hear this. Whatever it may be is a very, very good thing.I like the slower melody and the soothing vocals. The lyrics are easy to identify with. I just loved everything about it."

"I like the best this song had it was low but not boring. The use of instruments was really good to because it had a main base line and then a cool guitar playing through most of the song. I also like the artist voice,it was very calm and had a basement party feel to it. This dog could be a rock hit because the melody and beats are very rocky and I sure lots of people would love to hear it."

"A good song with nice lyrics that are sang well. Starts nice and flows in a good direction and not boring. Harmonious vocals and guitar that work together to produce an optimist style which is hear warming and endearing. A nice melody, and well performed that lasts just for the right amount of time."

"Love the music and melody. Lyrics are different, maybe there could be more. There seems to not be a hook to the song other than music. I think that's where the song is really lacking. Other than that, I could see this being played on a rock station. Artist has a strong voice."

"A varied and range of riffs have been used for this piece of music which makes it very interesting to listen too. The dynamics and mood is reflecting form these riffs and creates a suitable accompaniment for the vocals. The percussion is fantastic and fits in extremely well. The lyrics are very well written and the vocals are outstanding. This piece has large potential."

"The start to the song is too 'rocky' but doesn't sound terrible. The vocals are too slow getting started and are quite depressing when they do get started. 'take a pill, take a drink' is chilling and wouldn't appeal to children as it is referring to drug taking and drinking alcohol. I don't like the lyrics as they are way too irritating and annoying."

"Country and rock track. The mixture of the sounds work for the song. It seems like the play the country side during the verse and then play the rock part on the verse. Plus they have a guitar break down with the electric sound instead of the country. His vocals on the track are seriously low and getting drowned out by the track."

"This is similar to a lifehouse track. I like the melody is delivered. The guitar riff and the effects works with the genre, accompanied with the bass and drum line which gives this song its appeal. The lyrics though can still be altered to make this song a hit. Lyrics usually works if it is derived from what has transpired in the past. Try it it would work for this tune."

"This song really is out of the ordinary. The melody is really well thought out but the vocals are incredibly off from actual music. The lyrics are mostly understandable but the instrumentals are probably the best part of the song. They are in a good tempo and provide a good feeling as I listen to them."

"An upbeat introduction at last that got my hopes up a bit, we have had so many rap songs today they are getting a little tiresome. The vocalist is not the strongest, but he is creating a pretty melody. The lyrics are a bit depressing, and this seems to almost influence the vocalists performance. It is all very down and i did not really enjoy listening to it. A bit of a let down considering how strong the introduction was. The instrumental is really creative though, it keeps a complex beat that would normally strengthen the track no end. This instrumental needs a better vocalist though. It is too vibrant for such depressing vocal track."

"The intro isn't that interesting, and would not catch my attention. The song is too slow in building up. The vocals are attractive and individual in tone. They fit the genre well, and help set the mood of the song. The lyrics are well crafted and add to the atmosphere. The song structure is bland, but that's to expect from this type of shoe-gazing style. The music arrangement is pleasant but not that creative. The production is a bit muddy, but that suits the style. Overall a pleasant track, but it's a couple of decades too late to be commercially viable. Fans of this genre will enjoy it, though."

"I liked this melody. It was good listening music. I can really hear the tone of the vocalist. He really was on key when it came to singing this song. He really sounded confident and secure while singing. The beat was not to heavy which I enjoyed and it also made listening easy going."

"Introduction: The introduction to this song was fairly basic, but basic is good in rock songs. Lyrics: When the song started off I wasn't sold on the whole 'pills, cigarettes, alcohol' story. I wasn't even sure what he was walking about but I could tell it didn't sound real. More into the song it started to feel a bit more genuine. Vocals: The guys a good singer, His voice was clear and attractive he could of used a bit more emotion in his tone. Overall, this was an okay song, a bit boring at times but I'd listen to it again"

"I like how the song starts immediately. I like the catchy and upbeat music. I like how it has a country guitar vibe. I dislike how the artists voice is masked by the music. I like how both the artists voice and the music match one another - great harmony. I like the little guitar solo to add suspense in the song and allow time to have a little groovy dance. It has nice lyrics."

"The intro starts out with a bang and makes you feel like riding a Harley Davidson. This song sounds almost like a monster ballad. It can be considered a soft rock as well. The electric and bass guitar gives the track a metal sound and has all the makings of a great rock song. The instruments and its dynamics add flavor to the song. The vocals are distinctive and unique and sets the song up for being a potential hit. This song can be in a Chevy truck commercial or a Harley Davidson commercial."

"This song was decent. I would probably listen to it again at night so I can just kick back and relax. This is a very chill song that anyone could just lean back and close their eyes to. Had a very mellow beat and the sinher has a very soft somewhat raspy voice to him which is very nice to hesr. It had a great melody and tones of soup and passion into it."

"This sounds like a road trip song. Melodies and rhythm are dusty. Vocals and lyrics could use some fresh air. The vibe and beat are doing o k. The instruments are controlled. I am 100% sure this artist is going to prove himself every time he steps on a stage. People will want to hear more of his music by then. I really like the guitar."

"This song reminds me of 90s rock n roll which is pretty sweet. I get a Bush and stone templed pilots with this song even a bit of REM when he sings. This song has a great sound to it and I would love hearing this on the radio. It differs from most other rock songs of today which is nice to get that 90s sound back."

"This track shows possibilities of being a good song. All it needs is more energy and passion from the singer. At the moment he lacks positiveness in his voice. The music and the beat along with the words of the songs, are all great. It would not take much to finish this to perfection."

"The intro is hard punk hitting funk. The instrumentals are finely tuned and processed in the song. The tune is magnificently produced. the lyrics are a minutely drowning in the hipster vibe, but apart from that it is very good. I like the song as a general party/rock song. I think it is a song ill listen to when dirinking half a bottle of whiskey."


released 01 December 2014



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Track Name: Whatever Helps You Sleep At Night
Take a pill
Take a bottle
Take a drink
To help you swallow
A roll of film
A cigarette
Another sip
To help forget

Here’s a pen
And here’s the paper
Sign your name
So they can take her
A wedding ring
A waiting room
Just hope the pills
Start working soon

For all you know you're in the right
Whatever helps you sleep at night

Take a pill
Take a bottle
Take a drink
To help you swallow